The Lagrange Series



Like the gravitational Lagrange points in orbital mechanics, the Lagrange Speakers stike a perfect balance in audio fidelity.  Lagrange speakers use a dipole ribbon midrange tweeter to create a lifelike holographic sound stage.  Integrated in with state of the art drivers, the Lagrange speakers create an almost eerie life like sound stage.



My favorite ribbon speaker for a mid-size audio room.  Featuring a hand made 34 inch dipole ribbon integrated with a 7 inch Eton mid-bass and a 10 inch Aurum Cantus woofer.  The L3 speakers strike a perfect balance between dynamics with a life like sound stage.  


                 Digital files played with the L3                                                                  Analogue Vinyl played with the L3                                                                   

             Mazzy Star with the L3                                    Sting Mad About You with the L3

          Sarah McLachlan                                              

         Seal  Kiss from a Rose                                      Heart Magic Man

         Sarah Brightman Requiem                                Cassandra Wilson

         Samuel Barber

 Current price $4500 pair.  Call 720 491 8516 or email  to set up an audition.


L5 Reference Speaker

My quest to build the best speaker led to the development of the L5.  Using a 40 inch dipole ribbon with a ceramic accuton midbass and a 12 inch Eton woofer, the L5 creates a dynamic lifelike sound stange that must be heard.  The front baffles are made of solid 3/4 inch cherry and the crossovers use Mundorff silver and oil capacitors. 



Cassandra Wilson with the L5                                            Carley Simon with L5

Sarah Brightman with the L5                                              Heart with the L5

Beethoven with the L5                                                        Sauel Barber with the L5

Pink Floyd with the L5


Current price $6500 pair.  Call 720 491 8516 or email  to set up an audition.



Currently Under Construction

Available June 2020