About Aspen Acoustics


 With a life-long passion for Hi Fidelity Audio, Aspen Acoustics was built out of the desire to make outstanding Hi-Fi speakers that are both beautiful and affordable.  The audio market today provides two basic options for the consumer.  The mass produced speakers at the large box stores, and the small audio companies that produce great speakers at stratospheric prices.  Aspen Acoustics is a small family owned company in Loveland Colorado that offers an alternative option.  Outstanding hand crafted Hi-Fi speakers at an affordable price.  Like a beautiful hand crafted, finely tuned musical instrument, Aspen Acoustic speakers will transport your musical listening experience to a new level. 


Our speakers are meticulously engineered to achieve the highest audio performance.  Using high quality components, hand crafted dipole ribbons, and custom hardwood baffles.  These speakers create the perfect unity of form and function.  Each speaker is tested in our showroom and we offer a two year warranty on parts and services.


US Hi-Fi Audio dealers are shrinking in number and there are fewer places where a consumer can go and audition Hi-Fi speakers.  With Aspen Acoustics, you have the option to visit our Audio Showroom or request an audio demo in your own living room.  From Denver to Fort Collins, you can set up a time at your convenience for an in home demo or visit our showroom.

Call 720 491-8516  or email  aspenacoustics@gmail.com